Anna Circuits and Devices Lab EC6211

Anna University Circuits and Devices Lab EC6211

The above downloadable file contains the pre-built circuits corresponding to the experiments in Anna University Circuits and Devices Lab ( EC6211 ) course. This is a zip file. After downloading it to your computer, unzip its contents to any folder on your machine. For unzipping, you can can use any zip utility. Most likely, some zip utility is already available on your computer. If not, you can download any zip utility available on the internet (e.g., 7-zip). The unzipped individual circuit files will have the “.lab” file extension.

To load these circuit files, simulate them, and view their operation, you need to have ElectricVLab already installed on your machine.

To load a circuit file in ElectricVLab, you can use the Load My Circuit option under its File menu. ElectricVLab provides a visualization of the operation of the circuit. You can interact with the circuit by changing the voltages, resistance values etc.  You can also build and simulate your own circuits.

Some of the benefits you get from ElectricVLab are the following.

  • Strengthening your understanding of electronic devices and circuits, and supplementing what you read in your textbooks.
  • As a preparation before actually performing the lab experiments.
  • Before the lab exam at the end of the semester, you can visually go over all the experiments done over the semester by loading these files one by one on your computer.

The download file made available at the top of this page contains the circuits for the following experiments in Anna University Devices and Circuits Lab ( EC6211 ) course.

  • Verification of Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law and Kirchoff’s Current Law (KVL & KCL).
  • Verification of Thevenin’s Theorem and Norton’s Theorem.
  • Verification of Superposition Theorem.
  • Verification of Maximum Power Transfer and Reciprocity theorems.
  • Frequency response of series & parallel resonance circuits.
  • Characteristics of PN junction diode.
  • Characteristics of zener diode.
  • Characteristics of BJT in common emitter configuration.
  • Characteristics of BJT in common base configuration.
  • Characteristics of silicon controlled rectifier (SCR).
  • Characteristics of JFET and MOSFET.
  • Transient analysis of RL and RC circuits .
  • Clipper and clamper circuits.


  • Anna University Circuits and Devices Laboratory EC6211 Manual.

Video showing the operation of a full wave rectifier circuit in ElectricVLab: