Arduino and ElectricVLab

If you are an Arduino enthusiast, ElectricVLab can be very useful for you. One of the unique features of ElectricVLab is that virtual circuits built in ElectricVLab can communicate with the physical Arduino board. Instead of connecting hardware circuits to the Arduino board, with ElectricVLab, you can connect virtual circuits. As discussed in the article about electronics kits, virtual circuits provide some distinctive advantages. (more…)

A New Kind of Electronics Kit

Electronics kits have been popular among children and hobbyists as a means of learning about electronics and having fun. Typically, an electronics kit comes with some number of components of a few different types, and a PCB or a breadboard. You would then build the desired circuit(s) by connecting the components together on the breadboard, or by soldering the components to the PCB.

These kinds of traditional electronics kits however have a few shortcomings. (more…)